Sandstone, Steel Blue & Merlot.

12 strand, 9ft, 5/8 Loop.

100% Mohair.

Hand Braided Mecates, Split reins and Loop reins.


*We are not currently taking any Mecate or rein orders.*

Below are some other customer choices and reviews for inspiration!

Diamond  Back.

Sandstone/Black Twist & Sandstone.

12 strand, 22ft, 5/8.

"Sage Brush" 

Sandstone, Sage & Dark Brown.

12 strand, 21ft, 1/2.


Sandstone/Black Twist, Natural & Merlot.

12 strand, 22ft, 1/2.

"Rio Grande" 

Adobe Orange, Chile Verde, Sorrel, Black & Merlot.

12 strand, 22ft, 1/2.

*This Mecate is For Sale! $355 CAN


Black, Chamisa Green & Light Grey. 

12 strand, 22ft, 5/8.


Dark Brown, Sandstone & Turquoise.

12 strand, 8ft, 5/8 Loop rein.

 Stainless scissor snaps.

*Check out the cinch page to see the matching set!


Adobe Orange, Black, Dark Brown & Sorrel. 

12 strand, 22ft, 1/2.

The Cowboy 

Sandstone/Black Twist, Chile Verde & Sandstone.

12 strand, 22ft, 5/8.

From the customer:

"I checked our mail today and had the most AWESOME surprise! My reins came already and are absolutely amazing! The weight and feel are as perfect as the colors and design. Thanks so much!

And all the best to you! I hope to be in touch with you again!


8 strand  Navajo.

Turquoise, Sandstone & Sorrel.

8 strand, 20ft, 3/8 Mecate.​​

From the Customer:

Hi Alecia,

Picked it up today and it's absolutely the finest looking braided mecate we've seen, and that's in comparison to the one's we've braided up. Your braiding is exceptional. The weight and feel are perfect…so much life. Love the certificate of authenticity too. Feel free to use us as a reference. Thanks a million!



Pricing varies. Between number of strands, length and style.

For reference:

A 22 ft 5/8 inch 12 Strand Mecate is $425 CAN (With Kangaroo hide Knot)

Loop Reins start at $160 CAN

​7 ft Split Reins  $295 CAN

Horse hair Tassel can be added to any rope. $35 (with Kangaroo leather knot.)

Please Let us know what you're looking for, for a quote.


Turquoise, Sandstone & Sorrel.

12 strand, 22ft, 5/8 Mecate.

*Check out the cinch page to see the matching set!