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Cinch (8 ply) Colors Below

A word about Mohair.

Mohair (aka “diamond fibre”) is animal hair, obtained from Angora goats. 

-It is lustrous, strong, resilient and durable.  
-It does not shrink, as wool does, or melt like synthetics.
-It wicks moisture, isn’t easily crushed or matted.
-It has a high affinity for dyes and is known for its vivid colors!

Mohair, similarly to wool, is composed mostly of a protein substance, keratin, although the outer layer has about half the number of scales found even on fine wool, and they are not fully developed. Thus the texture is not “itchy” but silk like. 
It is considered a luxury fibre, like cashmere, silk and angora (ironically angora is fur from rabbits, not angora goats!).

Traditionally, Mohair was the material of choice for horse cinches. When synthetics became available, cinches began being made out of the inferior products, but they sore horses quite easily and do not last nearly as well. 

Today, with the increased demand for high quality horse gear, horseman and saddle makers have rediscovered the benefits of mohair. For cinches, breast-collars, mecates & reins!

Mohair for Mecates / Reins and Weaving

(2ply) Colors Below

Hardware is Stainless Steel (SS) or Solid Brass (SB).

1. Single Bar cinch buckle, SS or SB

 *Best for use on woven cinches


Horseback riding and any equine sport is a potentially dangerous activity.

Please understand and follow a strict protocol before using any hand made or manufactured tack.

Thoroughly inspect your tack before every use for loose strands, damaged buckles and wear.

Top Hand Braiding, Alecia Harding and any affiliate, will in no wise claim any liability or responsibility for mis-use of our tack.  The proper or improper handling or application of our product, or any understanding or mis understanding of instructions given to customers.

​Every product is carefully manufactured and photographed before it is transferred to customer. This is not meant to, and does not substitute for, careful examination and common sense.

Any injury that may result from the use, or handling of this tack or hardware is strictly culpable to its possessor.

2. Double Bar Cinch Buckles, SS or SB

For Tied cinchas

4. Circle Cinch Buckles, SS 

For Tied cinchas

*By Special Order. Additional wait time and cost may apply.

5. Custom Visalia Heart or Straight Buckles.

Solid Brass, or White Brass (German Silver)

*By Special Order. Additional wait time and cost will apply.

​*More custom Brass hardware available. Including pony buckles. Pictures coming soon.

3. Heavy Brass Double Bar Circular Cinch Buckles

For Tied cinchas, works well for tied (Combination) Ropers and Cutters *Available in SS or SB

Special Order. Additional cost may apply.