23 strand 34". Custom Visalia Heart Bronze Buckles 

Black and Natural.


23 strand 34". Stainless hardware.

Black, Black/Sandstone twist with Elk antlers in Sandstone


27 strand 34". Stainless hardware.

Sage, Natural, Mesa, Sandstone & a little Merlot.

Thanks again, 7F Ranch

"Bronc Twister"

21 Strand, 34 inch Tied.

Natural, Black/Red Twist.

Brass Hardware.


17 strand 32".

Dark Brown, Sandstone, Turquoise

Stainless hardware.


27 Strand, Two tone, Roper style.

Turquoise, Sandstone & Sorrel. 32"

​7F Ranch


Roper 29 strand 34". Stainless hardware.

Abiquiu Blue, Charcoal body with Georgia Dream, Black and Light Grey accents.

Thanks 4-T Ranch!

19 Strand, Two toned, Tied style.


19 strand 32". Custom Bolivian Flags

Natural, Red, Chile Verde and Yellow

 "The Gambler"


​34 inch Roper. Natural, Sandstone/Black Twist, Merlot. Stainless Steel Hardware. With matching 22 ft. 1/2 Mecate

"The Last Sunset"

Legacy Collection Cinch. 

Bork Heart Visalia buckles, 32 inch.


​ A Custom 34 inch Roper. Black, Dark Brown, Sorrel body, & Adobe Orange in detail.

Stainless Steel Hardware.

Thanks, Rocking R Ranch

Not just great for cinches and reins! 

Guitar strap for my Taylor.

Its right comfortable with no metal to scratch the wood 

~Welcome to Cowboy Country~

"Hudson Bay"

​19 strand 32 inch. Natural, Steel Blue, Yellow, Ristra Red, Chile Verde.

Matching breast collar with

Jeremiah Watt Hardware

28 strand 34". Stainless hardware.

Pansy Purple, Black and Sandstone.

"Big Iron"

Legacy Collection. 34 inch Tied. 23 Strand

Adobe Orange, Sorrel.

Bork Custom Brass Hardware.


27 strand 32". Stainless hardware. Breast Collar with Jeremiah Watt Hardware. 

5/8 22 ft. Mecate

Merlot, Natural, Sandstone & Black Twist.

34 inch Ropers. Black, Chile Verde. 

Chile Verde, Sandstone.

Stainless Steel Hardware.

Thanks, 7F Ranch

In Regards to Pricing:

Basic Horse size Mohair Cinches are $175 CAN. Plus Postage if shipping is required

For Pony cinch pricing please drop me a note on size required

Your brand can be added to any cinch, and are an additional cost. 

Custom Cinch designs do vary pricing. 

*Remember the exchange rate is your friend if you are paying in USD!

Tied and Woven Breast Collars Start at $225 CAN and include leather tugs.

Got an artistic idea? A Graphic? Brand? Logo you want to show off? A saddle pad to match? Something else you want made of mohair? 

Contact us