23 strand 34". Custom Visalia Heart Bronze Buckles 

Black and Natural.


23 strand 34". Stainless hardware.

Black, Black/Sandstone twist with Elk antlers in Sandstone


27 strand 34". Stainless hardware.

Sage, Natural, Mesa, Sandstone & a little Merlot.

Thanks again, 7F Ranch


27 strand 32". Stainless hardware. Breast Collar with Jeremiah Watt Hardware. 

5/8 22 ft. Mecate

Merlot, Natural, Sandstone & Black Twist.


​ A Custom 34 inch Roper. Black, Dark Brown, Sorrel body, & Adobe Orange in detail.

Stainless Steel Hardware.

Thanks, Rocking R Ranch

Not just great for cinches and reins! 

Guitar strap for my Taylor.

Its right comfortable with no metal to scratch the wood 

"Hudson Bay"

​19 strand 32 inch. Natural, Steel Blue, Yellow, Ristra Red, Chile Verde.

Matching breast collar with

Jeremiah Watt Hardware

"Bronc Twister"

21 Strand, 34 inch Tied.

Natural, Black/Red Twist.

Brass Hardware.


17 strand 32".

Dark Brown, Sandstone, Turquoise

Stainless hardware.


27 Strand, Two tone, Roper style.

Turquoise, Sandstone & Sorrel. 32"

​7F Ranch


Roper 29 strand 34". Stainless hardware.

Abiquiu Blue, Charcoal body with Georgia Dream, Black and Light Grey accents.

Thanks 4-T Ranch!

19 Strand, Two toned, Tied style.


19 strand 32". Custom Bolivian Flags

Natural, Red, Chile Verde and Yellow

 "The Gambler"


​34 inch Roper. Natural, Sandstone/Black Twist, Merlot. Stainless Steel Hardware. With matching 22 ft. 1/2 Mecate

"The Last Sunset"

Legacy Collection Cinch. 

Bork Heart Visalia buckles, 32 inch.

"Big Iron"

Legacy Collection. 34 inch Tied. 23 Strand

Adobe Orange, Sorrel.

Bork Custom Brass Hardware.

~Welcome to Cowboy Country~

In Regards to Pricing:

Regular Horse size Mohair Cinches start at $135.

For Pony cinch pricing, please drop me a note on size required.

Your brand can be added to any cinch, and are an additional cost. 

Custom Cinch designs do increase pricing. 

Tied and Woven Breast Collars Start at $180 and include leather tugs.

Got an artistic idea? A Graphic? Brand? Logo you want to show off? A saddle pad to match? Something else you want made of mohair? Lets do it!

Contact us


*Postage is additional if shipping is required*

 All pricing is in USD

34 inch Ropers. Black, Chile Verde. 

Chile Verde, Sandstone.

Stainless Steel Hardware.

Thanks, 7F Ranch

28 strand 34". Stainless hardware.

Pansy Purple, Black and Sandstone.