Top Hand Diamond Braiding is a family owned and operated business, located in beautiful Northwestern Montana! Providing high quality custom Horse Tack to folks like you!

Offering 100% Mohair Mecates, Reins, Cinches, Saddles and more!

 Our products are meticulously hand crafted

About Us...

Raised in Montana, I spent most of my childhood in chaps, spurs and a cowboy hat. In fact it was a chore for my mother to get me out of them, even to go to bed at night!

Seldom was my horse, Buckskin, far away either.  

He wasn't my first horse, nor my last, but I won my first barrel racing event, at 5 years old, on him. I'll never forget him. A true partner and friend that horse.

I can still picture my world then, looking through Buckskin's ears. -Feel the rope of the lead mule behind me, and that light, Montana breeze playing up the rocky canyon.

My dad, Rod Boothby, is a lifetime horseman, saddle maker, packer & wilderness guide, and might I add, my friend.

Dad instilled in me from my earliest recollections a love for horses & mules, mountains, and good using gear to go with them.

He always made sure I had a pair of chaps to keep the brush off my jeans, a good 8x beaver hat to shade my eyes with, and a saddle that fit me and my horse well!

Then JD Harding came along. He was an instant "yes" for me, upon first tip of his hat brim.

Raised in Northern British Columbia, he is no stranger to hard work, the back country and horses.

We are best friends & happily married with three kids. 

We've enjoyed allot of miles on horse back together, with more to come, as our kids grow up and learn a love for horses, in the high country.

So, back to you.

Not only is it nice to have something you like & that looks good, its important that horse gear be made of high quality, long lasting, material.

You want something you can wear into the show ring as readily as the back country? Tack you can count on in a pinch, not to fall apart on you and your horse? 

Then you came to the right place. Because thats where TOP HAND comes in.

Doing what we do best, and like the most.  

Making custom, high quality, long lasting gear the way you want it. 

For you, and your horse.

Happy Trails,